Membership and Benefits

The Union is open to all junior employees in the textile, garment and tailoring industries and any other worker or employee throughout the country who wishes to join the union and is acceptable by the union.

No person shall be deprived of membership of the union on grounds of sex, religious persuasion, political belief or ethnic origin.

A member has the right to transfer his membership from one Branch to another, as a result of transfer by the employer.

A member shall pay his or her contributions to the funds of the union regularly; he/she shall endeavour to participate fully in the affairs of the union, and shall refrain from any action which may bring the union into disrepute.

A member shall have the right to resign his or her membership. However, non-members of the union in an industry where the union exists shall pay agency fees equivalent to the union dues, if they are to enjoy the services being rendered by the union.

The NUTGTWN is unique for its dedication to the cause of its members. Today, members of the union are proud of the union’s heritage and the role it has played and is still playing in enhancing the welfare of its members.

How to become a member

Are you interested in becoming a member of NUTGTWN? You can start the process by first downloading and filling the declaration form. Afterwards, submit the form at our National Secretariat for onward processing.

We present two different versions of the declaration form (presented below) that suits most situations- the first form as a Microsoft Office Word (.doc) file and the second is a Portable Document Format (.pdf) file.

After downloading, to use the .doc file, simply click into the form fields and fill them from your computer. Then, print the resulting file. As for the .pdf file, print the downloaded file and fill with a pen. Remember to endorse the document.

To download the form, first right-click on any of the links. Then,┬áclick ‘Save Target link As’,┬áspecify the target folder and click save button.



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