About Us

NUTGTWN is one of the biggest private sector unions in Nigeria affiliated to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). The principal objects of the Union as contained in the Union’s Constitution include:

  • Unionisation of workers in the textile, garment and tailoring industries and any other worker or employee within the industry throughout the country who wishes to join the union and is acceptable by the union;
  • Regulation of relations between workers and employers and between workers and workers;about-us2
  • Establishment and maintenance of just and proper hour of work, rates of pay, and conditions of service.
  • Encouragement and maintenance of a high standard of production in the establishment;
  • Advancement of the education and training of workers;
  • Provision of benefits and other assistance to the members as provided in the Constitution;
  • Encouragement of the participation of workers in an undertaking; Industry and at National level;
  • Protection and advancement of the socio-economic and cultural interests of the community and
  • Such other objects as are lawful and are not inconsistent with the spirit and practice of Trade Unionism.

We are affiliated to the Brussels based International Textile, Garment, Leather Workers Federation (ITGLWF) which merged with the other two global union federations: International Metal Workers’ Federation (IMF) and International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Union (ICEM)  to form IndustriALL Global Union, founded on 19 June 2012.  We join together with other unions in Nigeria to form Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) – the powerful voice of Nigeria’s workers.

The fundamental objectives of the union are to organize, protect, defend and promote the right privilege and interest of all its members